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How to tan in the safest way possible


Wellness Tanning

Tanacious are one of the first companies to offer this scientifically approved & medically endorsed tanning technology.


How does it work?

The specialist tanning lamps have been calibrated to deliver a dosage of tanning light based on the natural tropical sun. Giving a softer more gentle tanning experience.


 What is the effect?

The skin is exposed to this softer light, maximising the ability of the skin to create pigmentation (TAN) far better than traditional tanning, giving the customer the deepest tan ever whilst being the safest tan ever. Thus reducing the effects of skin damage, over exposure, and sunburn.


What shall I expect?

Session times are longer and initial results are not as dramatic as traditional tanning, but over a 6-8 session course of treatments a beautiful deep long lasting colour will be achieved. Clients with a base tan already will see effects more rapidly.


Come in today and try out our tanning bulbs which are designed to be the safest in the industry.


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Ergoline 600

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Ergoline 600Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.00.15Ergoline 700



The new wellness lamps meet EN- 60335-2-27 standard.